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Rate, cost, service, and honesty are the key ingredients. In order to maximize your dollar, you need a mortgage provider that is not only competitive in the marketplace, but is also capable of providing you sound, objective advice. When working with Zipfel Mortgage, we'll be accountable, attentive, and we'll be well priced. Above all, we'll approach your stiuation objectively. If there's a better option that we're unable to provide, we'll tell you so. As a matter of fact, we'll see you through the process as an advisor, free of charge.

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Regardless of where market rates currently are, we're typically going to be less expensive than our competitors. Low overhead structure on our part translates into more aggressive lending terms for you. When you're borrowing money, do it at the most aggressive terms, and try to avoid cost if at all possible. In today's lending world there are so many options. Make sure you're working with a provider that has the flexibility to do what's best for you.

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